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Smart Ferti ® is a new generation of organic fertilizer that has emerged from decades of experimental research. Smart Ferti is being developed using innovative biotechnological processes. The products are sustainable, environmentally friendly and safe to use.

The unique composition of macronutrients, microelements and organic components provides not only 100% ecological cultivation, but also full nutrition of the plant. The principal advantage, as well as the difference between our Smart Ferti ® organic fertilizer and similar products, is its functional effect on plants.The bioactive microorganisms that it contains and their ferments. Smart Ferti ® has an extraordinary biological activity, which allows it to perform a function that is vital for plants: preserving and stimulating biochemical processes in a nutrient medium. We were able to perfectly balance the combination of macro- and microelements, as well as microorganisms over the years of work so that the plant can naturally absorb the necessary nutrients in the required amount


  • Biohumus, whose elements catalyze ion-exchange reactions in plant cells.
  • Micro and macro elements.
  • Effective microorganisms.
  • Valuable bio ferments
  • Specially balanced vitamin complex
  • Amino acids and minerals
  • Natural antibiotics

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