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Smart Ferti® - Organic fertilizer tablets

perfect for your house and balcony plants

Smart Ferti® - super fertilizer for seed pretreatment

100% organic. Suitable for all types of seeds.

Smart Ferti®
Is a next generation of organic fertilizers

Smart Ferti® is the result of decades of experimental research. It is manufactured using innovative biotechnological processes, is sustainable, ecological and safe to use.

  • Contains all important macro and micronutrients
  • Contains important bioeffectors
  • Improves resistance to diseases and pest infestation
  • Mobilise nutrients already present in the soil and keep them in a state available for plants.                                                        Effective microorganisms
  • Support the absorption of nutrients and prevent washing out of solved nutrient particles.                                                     Humic substances
  • Pass the plant membranes faster and help the plant with lack of light. Are perfectly suitable for use as foliar spray.              Fulvic acids
  • Most important nutrients that plants need in larger and smaller quantities. Macro and micronutrients
  • Accelerate the decomposition processes of organic material in the soil. Improve the soil structure and boost the soil life Ferments
  • Essential micronutrients that the plant needs in small quantities for the proper functioning of all of its biological processes, particularly for healthy growth and increased fertility Vitamins
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Grow 100% ecologically!

  • Contains all the important
  • Increases the
    soil fertility
  • Strengthens the plant
  • Natural protection

Futher Specifications

  • Stimulation of germination, root development, and maturation
  • Increasing the energy available to the seeds and thus the field emergence
  • Inhibition of excessive nitrate intake, increase in protein, starch, sugar and vitamins
  • Significant increase in productivity and resilience, even with poor soil quality and severe climatic conditions such as drought or severe temperature changes
  • Relieving stress from transplanting or repotting
  • Improve the natural defense of plants against pests
  • Regulation of development and conservation of microflora and thus promotion of conservation of ecosystem services of the soil
  • Intensification of green color of lawn flower and tree leaves

Smart Ferti® – more than a fertilizer

Conventional Fertilizers


  • Deposition of minerals in the soil beyond the needs of the plant
  • Disturbance of soil fauna
  • Quantity and quality of yields decline
  • Imbalanced content of water and carbohydrates of the plant in contrast to vitamins and minerals
  • Irritation of human mucous membranes by indoor use
Smart Ferti®


  • No risk of over-fertilization
  • Nutrients are absorbed by the plant as needed
  • Humic acids serve as bioeffectors and make soil nutrients available to the plant again and again
  • Protection of soil fauna and soil degradation
  • Proven increase in yields
  • Nutrition adapted to the needs of the plant ensures optimal development

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